Flying Car Robot Shooting Game 9.6

Car Driving Game – Patrol Your City in a Flying Car

Do you like driving cars? Looking for a game in which car can fly too? If yes, then this car driving game has you covered. Flying Car Robot Shooting Game is a fun game in which you get to patrol the city in a flying car that can transform into a robot. It is a groundbreaking amalgamation of innovation, adrenaline-pumping action, and futuristic exploration. The gameplay mechanics of this game exhibit a seamless fusion of multiple gaming genres. You are catapulted into a dynamic world where you drive around a flying car that transforms into a robot. This game strikes an intricate balance between vehicular exploration and intense combat sequences. The transitions between aerial, vehicular, and humanoid modes are flawlessly executed, providing you with a sense of freedom and adaptability rarely seen in gaming.
Flying Car Robot Shooting
Flying Car Robot Shooting Game has engaging gameplay that never lets you get bored. This car driving game is visually stunning and sets a new benchmark for graphical excellence. The attention to detail is exceptional, with vibrant cityscapes, breathtaking vistas, and intricately designed robotic enemies that exude a sense of realism. Also, the game's lighting effects and particle dynamics contribute to an immersive experience, elevating the gameplay to a cinematic level. Moreover, the controls are intuitive too and ensure that maneuvering through the game's expansive landscapes and engaging in fast-paced battles feel natural and exhilarating. You can steer the car with buttons located on the bottom-left corner of the screen. There is a slider provided on the screen’s left to control the altitude of the car during flight.
Flying Car Robot Shooting
This car driving game lets you drive a wide range of modern cars capable of transforming into humanoid robots. Each car has a distinct look and price tag. However, the design of all the flying cars and their respective robot forms is sleek and futuristic, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. Each transformation is accompanied by impressive animations, adding depth and authenticity to the gameplay. The attention to visual storytelling through environmental cues and character design significantly enriches the overall gaming experience. While the cars in this game are capable of flight, their robot transformations have cool moves that can destroy enemy robots. Both the cars and the robots are fitted with guns that can be used to shoot at the enemy helicopters, drones, robots, and flying cars.
Flying Car Robot Shooting
Flying Car Robot Shooting Game offers three game modes to keep you entertained. The first one is the Classic mode in which you have to complete various missions while flying around the city in your car. These missions require you to take out enemy drones, helicopters, and flying cars. The second game mode available to you in this car driving game is Transformer mode. In this mode, you get to transform your car into a robot and take on enemy robots. Just like the Classic mode, this mode comprises of various missions too. TDM is the third mode in which you get to compete as a team and try to take down cars of the rival team in the arena. The team that destroys 15 cars of the other team first gets the win.


  • Three game modes on offer
  • Classic mode with lots of levels
  • Transform into robots in Transformer mode
  • TDM mode for competing in teams
  • Destroy enemy drones, helicopters, and flying cars
  • Lots of flying cars to choose from


Flying Car Robot Shooting Game is a game for people who love driving futuristic cars and are fans of shooting games. It seamlessly integrates flying car mechanics, robot combat, and an immersive open-world environment delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. You will enjoy soaring into the sky and shooting down drones in this car driving game.

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